Become a Business Customer

About Lukata business customers

Lukata business customers are legal persons with physical or online trading locations in countries around the world. We want all our business partners to be profitable, satisfied with the quality of our products and service, and to become viable representatives of the Lukata brand or our partner brands. We appreciate our business customers who have chosen us and sells it in various business industries.

Why business is choosing Lukata?

Lukata is a reliable partner whose products are popular with consumers, allowing partner shops to attract more customers and increase profits. 98% of Lukata customers are loyal due to various attributes of product and service quality.

Our offers to the business customers:

  • Wholesale prices, regardless of the order size
  • No MOQ or deadlines
  • Quality and responsive service
  • Fast, flexible and secure delivery logistics
  • Special offers, loyalty programmes, and gifts
  • Images and other graphic materials

Every day we receive enquiries from private customers about the availability of our products in certain cities around the world. We therefore recommend that private customers contact our business customers who have our products in their shops. For this reason, we are constantly looking for new business customers around the world to meet our customers' needs and to expand our sales network.

Additional options available to our business customers:

  • Personal manager. Business customers are assigned a personal manager to answer any questions and help solve problems.
  • Translations of product labels. Providing a choice of language on product labels to make product information accessible to the target market segment.

Do you have a retail shop?

If you have a retail shop, we invite you to join the Lukata community and expand your product range with extremely high quality products.

How to become Lukata client?

Step I: Registration. Please fill in the contact form.

Step  II: After submitting the form, we will contact you within 1 day.

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